9 Tips for building a great website for your business

9 Tips for building a great website for your business

by prudent_login January 22, 2019

How to build a great website?

Businesses today rely on an omnichannel approach for reaching their customers. Customers search for seller information online before committing to make a purchase. This means it is essential for businesses catering to millennial consumers, to create a robust online presence through relevant websites. A successful website can not only boost consumer perception of the business but also drive inbound customer traffic.


That is why, in this article, we will give you the golden rules for building a successful website –

  1. Focus on code quality: This is the first golden rule of building a successful website. Irrespective of the development language and framework you may be using, code quality is imperative to building a robust website. Employ dedicated developer and tester teams to build a code that achieves your business objectives as well as caters to the expectations of your site visitors.
  2. Pay attention to the UI/UX: User interface and user experience are as dependent on code quality as on business logic. Evaluate your website’s UI/UX on the basis of how a visitor views your website, how easy it is for a user to find relevant information and move between pages, how is the overall search and transaction experience for the user on your website.
  3. Keep the website Responsive: As users today no longer access online information through their desktop only, the success of a website depends on its responsiveness as well. Develop your website from the beginning to be responsive with adaptability on multiple platforms such as laptop, netbook, tablet, mobile phone, etc.
  4. Structured data and AMP: Google and various other search engines have started emphasizing on structured data for website design. Furthermore, the latest ‘mobile first’ policy of Google lays emphasis on the mobile version of a website in ranking the business. With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) emerging as the future of web development, you must also focus on structure data design and making your website responsive with AMP.
  5. Make it dynamic: Website visitors often prefer dynamic content over static and like to move between web pages by clicking on dynamic text and images. Not only is it the most natural way of directing web traffic, but also it can make your website sticky.
  6. Ensure relevant content: A successful website attract web traffic largely due to relevant content which may be paid or free. Visitors value meaningful content as much as they enjoy supportive web design.
  7. Customize: While there are several standard website templates available in the market, customizing your website as per your target market and your business needs are the smartest move to make. Not every standard website element can be of use to you and not everything you need may be present in standard designs. Thus investing time in website customization can guarantee better customer response and website returns.
  8. Pay attention to security: One of the major off-putting factors for website visitors can be data security threats and malware exposure upon visiting a new site. Therefore, it is important to manage website security from hacking, phishing and malware. Adopt a robust data privacy policy and protect your users for safe user experience.
  9. Manage ratings and social media presence: Your website can’t exist in isolation from the rest of the digital universe. Provide review and rating options to your users as well as social media links on your website. Not only will this pull referral traffic on your website, but also improve site engagement for visitors.

Prudent Analytics specializes in building successful websites, customized to business needs. We keep our customers’ needs at the centre of our focus while designing a website. Remember, just as every business is unique so is the website. There’s no such thing as “One-size-fits-all” when it comes to websites. Collaborate with us today to activate your online presence and reach your target market with a strong impact. Click here to contact us or call us at 647-939-0015 for all any of your queries.



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