Small ventures can have a Big Presence with Digital marketing

Long gone are those days when giants enterprises used to rule the earth. The times when these giants could outspend their smaller rivals are no more. Thanks to the advent of internet and social media, small businesses are giving back to the bigger ones and reclaiming their lost territory. Digital marketing has leveraged these small businesses to reach directly and effectively to their target customers. The classic fairytale of David vs Goliath has come true. Infact, many Davids are standing up to fight off the Goliaths in their industry nowadays.

Many of my clients are small business owners who were unconvinced that they can be stand their own ground against their bigger rivals and be profitable using Digital Marketing. But with time now, they have come to repent why didn’t they adopted digital marketing earlier.

I perceive Digital marketing as an art where you get to use your creativity to channel your thoughts and efforts in reaching out to your potential customers. Unlike traditional marketing media like TV ads, huge billboards, radio jingles, etc which can be expensive, digital marketing can be started with a low budget. And the ROI using digital means is way higher than the tradional ones. Also Digital marketing efforts are quantifiable, unlike the traditional means. I have talked about more on ROI in my separate blog article below.

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Small businesses have got a massive shot in their arm with online marketing. They have now got a big canvas, that is accessible to all and specifically to those that they want to show to, where they can paint their own rosy picture. Yet, care should be taken to use this canvas effectively. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while building your digital presence-

  • Contact Information: Your website is your business’ digital office place. Your contact details like your physical address, email id, phone number should be located at an easy-to-locate area of your homepage. A landline number is always an edge. Register your business on google through google my business. Not only will help your customer to find you on google, it will also help to provide useful information like business hours, website address, contact information and directions to your business.
  • The content:   The content is your paint and brush with which you can paint on your canvas. Narrow the content with respect to target audience. Try to understand the nature of your customer. E.g.:  A food joint located close to school should focus more on pricing than on ambience. A nightclub needs to provide information of entry rules and timings than providing the details about food.  The content should be catchy, well segmented and clear. Also it should be consistent throughout your website and social media pages.
  • The review section: Including a third party review like tripadvisor or yelp on your website will help to get more customers. You need to acknowledge both positive and negative reviews as people appreciate their voices heard. How you deal with your reviews go a long way in creating a favourable image about your business in the minds of your customers.
  •  Engaging your audience- Creating opportunities on your social media platforms where people can engage will go a long way in creation positive word of mouth for your business.
  •  The competition analysis:  Always keep an eye what your competitors are up to. Read their strategies and the nature of involvements they are doing. Don’t mimic but counteract you’re your own strategies and proposals. Make a noise on social media and bring up some vibrant and unique things which people may like and indirectly enhance the sales.

These are some of the bare essentials that any business should do to create a good digital presence. Remember, no business is small in today’s digital age. It’s how you perceive yourself that will be reflected upon your audience.

Asham Cheema

Asham Cheema

Asham is a software developer and a marketeer with a hunger for learning. He has been an advocate of digital marketing as a means for small businesses be heard and seen since 2008. Having worked in the field of marketing for over 10 years, he firmly believes that in today's digital age, no business is too small! That's why he founded Prudent Analytics to help small businesses, the engines of any economy, grow holistically to compete against their bigger rivals.
Asham Cheema