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Best practices of Email Marketing for your business

Email Marketing Prudent Analytics

E-mail Marketing is a highly effective tool for small businesses to reach out to their customers about new products, services or simply information dissemination. Also it is the cheapest! All you need is a database of your customers who have agreed to receiving newsletters and messages. You can use this tool effectively to build a loyal database of customers which spread positive word-of-mouth for your business. In turn you can reward them with special discounts and rewards.

Our service include:

  1. E-mail Marketing Strategy
  2. Design and Creating Newsletters
  3. Measuring and optimizing campaigns through analytics

What we do?

Strategy development

Developing Newsletters

Track Campaigns


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Asham Cheema

Asham Cheema

Asham is a software developer and a marketeer with a hunger for learning. He has been an advocate of digital marketing as a means for small businesses be heard and seen since 2008. Having worked in the field of marketing for over 10 years, he firmly believes that in today's digital age, no business is too small! That's why he founded Prudent Analytics to help small businesses, the engines of any economy, grow holistically to compete against their bigger rivals.
Asham Cheema