Email-marketing- an effective tool in the hands of small businesses

Email Marketing basics

In today’s digital age, there are various media by which a business can market itself. On the one hand is Google Adwrods and Bing Ads which cater to specific keywords which people are searching over the internet. On the other hand, we have rich social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc which can help increase your brand awareness and target your audience. But there is one platform which is often overlooked- Email Marketing. Done correctly, it boasts of the highest conversion rate among all the digital platform. Meaning your recipient is more likely to do business with you.

So what makes Email marketing highly efficient? The simplest answer to this question lies in your recipient. Most likely, your recipient must have done business with you earlier or has consented to receive information from you about something which he really liked. In classic marketing terms, this potential customer already knows about your business, brand and lies at the bottom of your “marketing funnel”. So there is a high probability that he would “convert” if your email marketing message is laid out correctly.

Email marketing as tool is highly effective especially for small businesses who have limited marketing budget. It is also the cheapest. Unlike PPC advertising, you will not be charged each time someone opens your email and clicks it.  But Email marketing in Canada must be used according to the CASL which states that you need to get prior consent from your recipients before sending them promotional emails.

Nonetheless, Email marketing provides you the best of business, one can expect. It is the most versatile tool which can be used from sending an invitation to promoting a product. Your message can be designed per your needs. Its only short coming is- it needs a click to be opened.

There is no thumb rule when it comes to the right technique for email marketing, but yes, there are some good practices which may make your email marketing a success. Below I am outlining some of the best practices –

  • Email Database- To be on the right side of the law, build your database by taking consent from your customers before sending emails. The consent can be taken at the time of business activity or through an online subscription form.
  • The subject line– The face value which will decide the fate of your attempt. The subject should not be too long or too short. Keep it between 70-90 words. But make sure these 70 words make a picture in readers mind and push the hands and fingers to get to the click button. 70 % cases, it’s usual that a person knows that what it’s going to be! Let the creativity take the front seat!
  • The content: It is the most important parameter that will determine your campaign’s success. The message should connect with your recipients because only then will they open your email and not un-subscribe from the mailing list. Send them any interesting update about your company or new product that you have not launched yet. Or maybe details of an upcoming competition where they can win free prizes. Something nobody knows about it yet. This is establish a connection with your audience and they will feel privileged and look forward to your future emails. Here are a few key things to note-
    • The content and design should be responsive- ie, your message template should adapt itself to the screen size of your recipient. What may look good on a desktop may not be readable on mobile or tablet. Generally, your email service provider must have responsive templates, but its always good to check first before sending.
    • Next, the buttons and icons should be clear and of optimum size. The “ call-to-action” button should be clearly visible.
    • Make sure the content should be interesting and short.
  • Give away Freebies- It’s not only about promotions every time. Give a freebie in the shape of a coupon or discount now and then. This will not only encourage people to give their consent to receiving emails but also generate a good word of mouth about the business.
  • The time:  There is no special time to send emails. Its usually trial and error and depends upon who your target audience is. If your are targeting businesses, then morning and evening times are good. For others, weekends get the most clicks. You will have to figure out what time and day of the week suit best to your campaign.

Keeping the above guidelines in mind, any business can build a successful campaign. Remember, your recipients already know you and your business. You don’t have to spend time to educate them about yourself. With the right message you can convert them to your customers- at no extra cost!

Asham Cheema

Asham Cheema

Asham is a software developer and a marketeer with a hunger for learning. He has been an advocate of digital marketing as a means for small businesses be heard and seen since 2008. Having worked in the field of marketing for over 10 years, he firmly believes that in today's digital age, no business is too small! That's why he founded Prudent Analytics to help small businesses, the engines of any economy, grow holistically to compete against their bigger rivals.
Asham Cheema
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